The Joys of Living Alone

I am not averse to sharing my living space with another person or other people. I've lived in a dorm, as a boarder and lived with my folks till I was an adult and those things really drill it into one's head about the utter necessity of having your own space for your own shit. … Continue reading The Joys of Living Alone

The Benefits of A Neverafter

That's right. Not getting your happily ever after with the one you long and pine for or imagine yourself to be deeply in love with has tremendous ROI. Let's take Romeo&Juliet as an example. Too bad they really haven't found the Fountain of Youth else Will Shakespeare would have been a very rich bugger indeed, … Continue reading The Benefits of A Neverafter

Being An Indo-Anglian

I am lucky to have friends who make me think and expose me to new lines of thought...invaluable in my book. Once such friend from the days of yore no less, shared this article with me recently and it beautifully encapsulates a large part of who I am in life. I am a Bengalee by … Continue reading Being An Indo-Anglian