Am I The Only One?

I know Mothers wonder about their children and what they’re up to, what they have the potential to get up to throughout their lives.

But am hoping that there are other moms out there who have this reaction as well- WHAT IN THE NAME OF GERBER’S BABY FOOD WAS THAT?

My child- MLM has some strong preferences. He wants to wear track pants. Seldom wears denim.

Likes his pants to be drawstring. Likes the drawstring to exit the waist of the pants as soon as he gets his hands on it and then promptly begin to chew on it.

Am convinced he’s part goat. What the other part is am yet to figure out. And if I try harder to arrive at an answer my head is going to explode!

In the meanwhile the brat will continue to graze on the strings of cotton that have elastic in them.

BAAAAA! humbug!



4 thoughts on “Am I The Only One?

  1. Wow – and I thought Avery was opinionated! Good luck, woman. Avery hasn’t had a preference in clothes yet – other than he doesn’t want to wear them and run away from me until I can wrangle him and put it on!


  2. I swear they go through a stage where they will put anything in their mouths. I can remember when my son was somewhere around two the wife could not get him to eat his dinner. And it was a dish he always loved. Finally, in frustration, she put him down. Two minutes later she looked over and found him eating dry dog food out of the dog dish. Go figure!


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