Out of the Mouth of Mini Me

I say Mini Me because till now NO ONE has said that MLM is anything like Red. I alone see the similarities and point them out which I know makes Red happy. Who doesn’t want to be told that a once-cherubic and now-impish child with beautiful long lashes, a gurgling laughter and the cutest pout ever, is like his dear ol’ dad!

Anyhow, don’t let the cuteness thing fool you, this child has his wits about him plenty and uses them to get into messes that are anything BUT cute and divert my attention from those lashes, pout and gurgling laughter quite easily!

But I digress. As always.

The last few days MLM and I have been getting into tiffs every morning about his going to school, brushing, getting up in the morning…you name it and we’ve butted heads about it. He literally so.

Today when I picked him up I thought why not offer an olive branch. If nothing else it’ll help when I have to pack and get my work done. So we drove by KFC and decided to get some Popcorn Chicken for him- it’s his favorite thing to eat in the world. Next to chocolate. DUH!

So we went and paid in the drive through and went around the bend (seriously!) to pick up the grub. In the meanwhile the little man sneezed and wiped his face on his sleeve. The prim and proper mother than I aim to be from time to time, I told him he is to use a tissue and say ‘Excuse Me’ when he sneezes.

Pat came the reply- Excuse Me I want some Popcorn Chicken please! Just the same thing he’d told the lady at the drive through window.

Yikes! Is he going to go through life thinking everything’s centered around a drive-thru window?

Motto Of My Life
Motto Of My Life