Being Firm…

It’s extremely easy to be firm. Till it isn’t.

You decide you won’t let your child indulge in excesses or in things out of turn but somehow it’s always easier to do so when work or personal life comes knocking on your door.


Sometimes it’s SO easy to just rationalize it all out and say, “What’s the harm? Just another cartoon (substitute it with candy, sweets, gallon of paint..yeah we’re weird in this house).” And before you know it, you’re not FIRM. You are the exact opposite of FIRM; but the exact word is eluding me at this moment.

G&A busy painting the BRIGHTEST picture ever!

And it’s eluding me because am surveying cycle tracks that have gone over liquid paint and then made further tracks in places and in colors that shouldn’t be allowed via cycles.

But am quite sure that this is the absolute last time I allow for this kind of laxity.

I’m being firm you see!



3 thoughts on “Being Firm…

  1. Oh, life as a parent! Funny though. I sometimes could not wait until my three were grown and gone. But now that they are grown and gone, I sometimes miss those days. Then I look around at my quiet solitude. Naaaaaaahhhhhh! I like my life just the way it is! Thanks for signing onto my blog. I hope I entertain. I will do the same.
    If I might ask, what brought you to my blog?


    1. Hello Richard, been reading your blog for months now! I got to know of your blog via Deni (The Reluctant Mother) and subscribed right from the time I read one of your posts about about a fishing expedition.

      Look forward to your notifications of your latest posts in my inbox.



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