funny thing retro

I was looking for “different” videos in Yahoo Music and I remembered and whole bunch of stuff from the school days which had always made me goggle at the tv screen-
*fine young cannibals-she drives me crazy (video)
*cindy lauper- she makes anyone gawk.
*milli vanilli-for their weirdass dressing (non)sense of course.
*banarama-cruel summer (them 3 dames doing the “chakki-peesing” in prison)
*jane child-i dont wanna fall in love
*sinead o’connor-emperor’s new clothes
But there were some good vocalists also, who aren’t around anymore. Either shuffled off the mortal plain or just stopped singing.
Luther Vandross, Wilson Phillips, Taylor Dane, Karyn White, Cathy Dennis, Jennifer Rush, Patti Labelle….the list goes on.

If ma belle Beyonce shook her protruding hinney a bit less and sang a bit more, she’d be a singer people would remember years on down the line.


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