Saw a commercial, an infomercial rather. The Pepsico prez of India Rajeev Bakshi appeared on primetime tv and vouched for the goodness of his product. The ad gave a mini tour of the pepsi bottling plant and basically is as damage control as it gets.
But this was a long time coming (or did I catch it late on tv?) and it was inevitable.
This will go a long way in repairing faith and also reinforcing the cynicism of those who were sneering at Pepsico’s misfortune.
Notice how when nothing else will work, the FMCG head honchos will not rope in big names to save them from bad publicity, they’ll haul up their own top brass and make him/her take a stand in front of the whole nation and either eat crow or rebute charges belligerently.

Never liked Pepsi anyhow, too darn sweet. Gimme a Coke anyday, with a tad bit of rum in it :o)