The Child Wranglers

Last night Red and I were watching Outback Wrangler on t.v last night and thinking how tough they had it out there; herding their cattle, their wild horses and what not.

Fast forward to this morning. MLM discovered the swimming pool in our complex that had been unused during the winter months was being used by some kids and raced upstairs to get his gear and jump in. We both had a good time splashing about but when it came time to head out it was an epic meltdown. You could call it a Fukushima for parents. Red was heading him off from  out of the water and I was flanking him in the water and between the two of us we captured the wild beast…erm…beautiful child we are obligated to love and witness tantrums from occasionally.

I’m sure the thought in both our heads was that the wrangler on the t.v. show we’d watched didn’t know of the dangers that lurk in the urban jungles populated by little beasties with the power to shatter the eardrums with their shrieks and seemingly relentless crying over not being able to doggy paddle.

Gimme a wild horse or a bull any day. These mini humans are lethal!

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