Mr. Popularity (Temporarily)

MLM has been learning about farming and farm animals at school. While I was picking up some stuff for the house today I came across a very nondescript plastic bag with a bunch of farm animal figurines. Providence! I thought it’d help reinforce some concepts. I bought it for him as an after-school surprise and MY! was he happy! 

It’s a pretty nice toy… a rolled up plastic sheet with a farm land printed on it and a typical bunch of farm animals that one might expect to find.

He was SO enraptured with it that it HAD to come down to the play area with us. And that’s where it happened- my boy became THE MAN. For an hour.

He rolled out his farm and started to set up shop and all the other kids (in the small kids age group) descended on him and asked him if they could play with specific figurines. And in the midst of all the hubbub sat the little man graciously doling out animals and his favors to the crowd of munchkins.

He has some yardstick I’m sure for determining who gets what because he graciously gave the horse to someone but kind of dismissively gave the donkey to another kid. By the end of it there was a gaggle (excuse the pun) of kids happily moving their animals around the farm and there was a new farmer in charge! 

When it was time to go there was the usual reluctance of the kids to leave but this guy made sure each kid gave him back his toy and chased around one little boy who had run off with the turkey. Uff! I wouldn’t like to owe him money when he’s a adult :p 

But it was a happy bunch of kids who left and he made more friends, or started off on the road to making friends than before. And all because of some cows and ducks? Move over Old MacDonald! There’s a new king in town!

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