Movie Review: The Others

I love movies on the paranormal. Slasher, subtle…you name it and I’ll watch it at least once! And subtlety is the name of the game in The Others.

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Nicole Kidman isn’t an actor I’ve actually enjoyed watching on the screen. She seems kind of off to me for lack of anything very concrete to say but she proves her chops in this movie as a mother who is coming unhinged. The neurosis, the bewilderment flows off her and makes it pretty real for the viewers.

But the real gems in the movie are the characters of Nicholas, Anne and Mrs.Mills played by James Bentley, Alakina Mann and Fionnula Flanagan. They play the children and the nanny and they are total naturals in being who they are supposed to be. That and the landscape aid the ambiance perfectly in giving it a Gothic feel.

Horror, terror, chills, fear…whatever you call it doesn’t always have to scare you out of your seat or even make you jump. It can also make you curious to see what happens next, where the movie is going and what’s finally going to be revealed as the truth.

This movie does it all. I was quite a few years late in seeing it but I finally saw it on a dark and windy night with the rain falling against the window panes, at midnight so it’s been watched in an appropriate setting one might say.

However, if you like your horror palpable and do like your heart to skip a beat, this movie will seem a bit tame for you. It’s all about being subtle.

Skillfully done by director Alejandra Amenabar.

Worth one watch.

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