Oh No You Did Not!!

Red and I impose parental controls on TO’s digital media views and mainly their content.

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It’s not so much to keep him away from profanity (he gets a dose of that when I drive) but also to keep him away from concepts that he may not be able to understand and end up getting freaked out about stuff in the process.

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A while back he and 2 of his cute little friends let it slip how they’d sneaked a peek at The Conjuring while playing unsupervised at another friend’s house. I was able to correlate that with a period of being kicked out of my own bed because someone was afraid to sleep alone in their own room. Or even when they did sleep alone, they wrapped themselves up like a mummy and gave me sleepless nights about suffocation and what not!Image result for kids watching horror movies

This morning I was telling Red over coffee that I had weird dreams last night from seeing clips from The Shining and being partly sleep-deprived and suddenly pipes up a voice from behind me, “Oh yeah, that boy with his cycle and those 2 girls who meet him in the hallway and that old guy who gives him icecream and tells him not to go in a room…that movie, right, with all the blood?”

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After internally WTFing with myself liberally I turned around to ask him how he knew about the movie which he did not have the clearance to watch. He told me very casually that he’d watched it at another friend’s house but only a little bit and he wasn’t scared of it at all!

A part of me is happy that he’s choosing good stuff to watch and not getting messed up in his head by watching things like Evil Dead or the Saw movies, but almost 10 may not be the best age to watch someone’s spiral into insanity and attacking their family with an axe. Just saying.

And while my mother let me watch horror movies when I was his age, I can honestly say I was in it for the blood and gore and she was ok with it because she knew it was a phase and I’d outgrow it. She steadily kept her hand over my eyes during the scenes with nudity though. Come to think of it, most Hollywood undead serial killers are such perverts! They wait till a person is “otherwise occupied” and choose that time to cut their heart out. But those days of cozying up with my mom on the couch, hogging on Hershey’s chocolate pudding cups and watching Jason slash through teenage bodies with his chainsaw…oh the nostalgia. Am almost choked up.

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But if this kid thinks he’s going to watch gore before he’s 35 he’s got another thing coming!

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Movie Review: The Others

I love movies on the paranormal. Slasher, subtle…you name it and I’ll watch it at least once! And subtlety is the name of the game in The Others.

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Nicole Kidman isn’t an actor I’ve actually enjoyed watching on the screen. She seems kind of off to me for lack of anything very concrete to say but she proves her chops in this movie as a mother who is coming unhinged. The neurosis, the bewilderment flows off her and makes it pretty real for the viewers.

But the real gems in the movie are the characters of Nicholas, Anne and Mrs.Mills played by James Bentley, Alakina Mann and Fionnula Flanagan. They play the children and the nanny and they are total naturals in being who they are supposed to be. That and the landscape aid the ambiance perfectly in giving it a Gothic feel.

Horror, terror, chills, fear…whatever you call it doesn’t always have to scare you out of your seat or even make you jump. It can also make you curious to see what happens next, where the movie is going and what’s finally going to be revealed as the truth.

This movie does it all. I was quite a few years late in seeing it but I finally saw it on a dark and windy night with the rain falling against the window panes, at midnight so it’s been watched in an appropriate setting one might say.

However, if you like your horror palpable and do like your heart to skip a beat, this movie will seem a bit tame for you. It’s all about being subtle.

Skillfully done by director Alejandra Amenabar.

Worth one watch.