Movie Review: The Others

A young mother, alone with her two small children in a mansion. Are they alone or is isolation driving her mad?

After A Long Break…From Writing

Been visiting my folks back in my hometown.┬áIt’s kind of become an annual trip during the brat’s summer holidays. It’s part torture and part relaxation but the fun comes and goes. I say that because the concept of fun not only changes from person to person but sometimes even from day-to-day. One day locking yourself…


WE finally take a proper holiday and do nothing in particular. Bliss!

Pedicures and Percy Jackson

I’ve found my happy place and NO it’s NOT any place that doesn’t feature my kid! It’s getting a pedicure in a particular salon that has vibrating chairs that massage your head and back and have rainbow lights in the swirling foot bath where you soak your WEARY treads. Why did they go the extra…