Beware The Quiet Ones…For They Art Dark!

The loud people of this world, well most of them anyhow, are fairly easy to decipher. What’s not hard? Everything they think, feel and see is broadcast all over with no consideration for others…am proud to be an official member of this elite group since puberty.

But it’s the Quiet Ones you have to watch out for. Not because there lurks a pedophile inside them or something equally revolting but because they have a darkness that us loudmouths can’t begin to fathom.

The Quiet Ones live in their own quietude. And to do a cliché to death am going to write this line next- This quietude is like the icy cover under which waters rage or flow swiftly but are seldom still or ironically…”quiet”.

The Quiet Ones feel deeply, emote passionately when the icy veneer breaks and are capable of absorbing a lot of darkness without letting it alter their psyche or their balance much; or if, at all. They seem to anticipate the subtlety of the morbidity of human existence, morass of immorality and cognitions and take it in their stride, even enjoying the break from the monotony of the very obvious modes of behavior that people tend to exhibit.

The loudmouths on the other hand are more obvious. The art of subtlety isn’t one they espouse much. They feel deeply, emote deeply and things which are capable of mind-f***ery…well it f***s with their mind and they don’t like it. For it’s not in their nature to be subtle you see.

The next time you read about some atrocity in the world and find a person on their soapbox, blasting everyone in the immediate vicinity with their opinions; look around for the quietly sitting person with that impassive and yet slightly anticipatory look on their face. That person is a Quiet One. He knew this would happen. He isn’t shocked. He knows about the dark side of the moon.

Just something to think about…


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