Ever Notice…

how you always eat more when you’re on a holiday? Carbs and protein are attacked with the gusto of being long-lost sibs. And once you’re back home, you can’t wait to be rid of them…like an inconvenient zit or a house guest who’s overstayed their welcome?

How you can sleep longer on the days you have no one to pack off to school? And on school days, you’re up before the rooster/alarm clock and the guy driving your kid’s bus is the face you long to see every morning?

When you have a cold/cough/fever…you turn into a human sloth-mole combo i.e you keep burrowing deeper into the covers and your movements mimic the glaciers? But let someone else fall sick instead and you turn into an annoying I-know-best, home-remedy-enforcing, soup-making dictator who has their path to recovery firmly in your control?

Ah homo sapiens…we’re funny like that.