I’ve always liked art but am not a connoisseur or someone who can talk about the depth in a painting, the feeling or half the things those cravat-wearing types do, standing around in an art gallery. I just know if something appeals to it. Sometimes it does piecemeal, and other times holistically but I know … More Memories


The year started on a fun enough note. Had plenty of adored people around. There was music. There was dancing. There were hyper kids. Loads of alcohol flowing as well. And lights flashing…the whole shebang! And then we crashed, bleary-eyed, into bed only to be woken up at what seemed like an ungodly hour but … More 2020

Oh! The Humanity!!

If anyone’s ever been tasked with getting their kid out of bed on a Monday morning, especially in winter, will know what that kid would look like as a drunk adult. The lurching, the groaning, the guttural sounds coming from their throat, the near vampire-like sensitivity to light…the whole shebang! You have a mini- facsimile … More Oh! The Humanity!!

Wonky Wednesdays

I admit, I should be caffeined up before doing anything pertaining to my child on weekday mornings. Actually that’s a good rule of thumb to follow all through now that I look back on the last 10 years. Like every kid on a “winter” morning, he was snuggling deeper under the covers and refusing to … More Wonky Wednesdays

Church of Sant Joan

When wandering around the streets of Barcelona, near Sagrada Familia or the Arc de Triompf, you will come upon the church of Sant (St.) Joan (not a woman). After seeing the style of Gaudi’s masterpiece, this church seems run of the mill but take a round of the place and discover it’s beauty and architecture … More Church of Sant Joan