Movie Review: Simmba

If there was a movie which could have had ‘OTT’ as a catch phrase it would be this one. Or it could have the slightly longer but also accurate one of ‘The Movie Where Rohit Shetty Didn’t Blow A Car Up’. Whatever be the case, Simmba is a movie that is unadulterated entertainment. The kind that harks back to the days when we whistled as the hero made an entrance for the first time and blew everyone else away! 
Seemingly tailor-made for Ranveer Singh R.S), Simmba is the story of a cop gone wrong who changes his ways when tragedy hits a bit too close to home for his comfort.

With unabashed cheesy dialogues and catch phrases, R.S is the epitome of a mast, bindaas guy who is always looking for his pound of flesh. Life’ taught him that crime does pay and if you wear a uniform while committing the crime, it pays even more! With endless amounts of pomade and clothes as tight as Akshay Kumar in his Churakey Dil Mera days, Singh delivers the goods in the movie.

Ashutosh Rana in a middle-aged form; plays the voice of R.S’s conscience. The only other cast member to have significant screen time and have something else to do barring looking pretty is Sonu Sood. He growls, barks, threatens and flexes his biceps menacingly in an unending series of muscle shirts.

Sara Ali Khan is a prop plain and simple. She prances in with a bouncy ponytail and then steps back and lets R.S run amok. Because that in a nutshell is Simmba-in your face, brash and total paisa vasool. It’s like an 90s movie in this age with two famous remixed songs to prove it.

Should you watch it? Absolutely! You’ll leave the hall dancing and laughing- what else does one want from an action packed flick?

Rating: 3/5

Under Siege- Always A Good Idea

Most movie reviews start with a title that lets you know that there’s a review coming your way. Mine hasn’t done that. Tough.

Steven Seagal may be bloated and a Putin-loving, firearms-promoting Buddhist but many, many, many years ago he was slightly attractive (to Moi) and was kicking ass in his own minimalistic way. I say minimalistic because there seemed to be an economy of movement rather than the rabid monkey style that Jackie Chan’s movies seem to employ.

The reason a good action movie is usually a good idea is because they’re not overly long, they keep up a good solid pace and use tongue-in-cheek or even hit-in-you-in-the-face kinda humor while piling up the body count.

Under Siege is as typical as American action movies get where the foreign powers aren’t trying to invade their shores. With Gary Busey’s mean portrayal of Commander Krill and Tommy Lee Jones‘ near convincing of an off-the-walls  Strannix, this movie is a must-watch for its bad guys alone. But then Seagal saunters in with his slow, unhurried drawl about automatic and semi-automatic and you want to see how far Casey Ryback goes from chopping carrots to dispatching the bad guys all in the same non-hyper monkey style.

In short? Grab some popcorn and switch on Seagal and sail away on the USS Missouri!