Ye Gods…

My child is currently anti-clowns. Especially Pennywise. Apparently he snuck a look at the new IT and it creeped him out big time. So Pennywise is the present symbol of everything that's bad in his freaky little world. Today after he got back from school he was using me as a trampoline and I made... Continue Reading →

Morning Bloglet

Monday to Friday my child looks at me as the incarnation of the Wicked Witch of the West+her flying monkeys all rolled into one.  Weekends I do the same to him when he gets up before I want him to.  Cue Elton John singing 'Circle Of Life' in the background.


Red and I completed 9 years in our parenting journey. They have been a lot of things but never dull.  We were handed a longish and skinny baby who filled out quickly enough and we couldn't stop nom-noming on his cheeks, his nose and all his little limbs. You have never been digustingly mushy and... Continue Reading →

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