Jurassic World Dominion

I like dinos. Quite a bit. Have religiously watched all The Land Before Time movies and then the Jurassic Park/World ones and I was *quite*curious to see what they would do to wrap things up in Dominion. They didn’t do much.

Given that things have to follow patterns set for creature and doomsday movies, one can’t realistically expect there to be anything totally unique about a movie where dinosaurs roam free amongst humans. However, one could expect to be a bit more entertained in the process. And that’s where this movie lets you down. Pretty badly.

With hackneyed plots and less than stellar acting, this particular installment of the Jurassicverse would be enjoyed if not outright adored only by an ardent fan. The return of Laura Dern, Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum don’t hit any entertaining notes and the inclusion of Campbell Scott as the unassuming antagonist doesn’t rouse one’s ire let alone get the feel of an honest-to-god bad guy.

As a parent, the character of Maisie Lockwood (played by Isabella Sermon) just makes you want to ground her till she’s 35 for a) releasing the dinosaurs in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and b) being a typical disobedient, sulky teen who essentially causes the dominoes to start falling.

All in all, this is a movie I saw purely for the love of my child and a bit of my innate curiosity. The love for the child remains but the curiousity is sated; for good!

P.S: This movie proves one thing for sure…the T-Rex always wins!

Movie Review: The Tomorrow War

If you aren’t a sci-fi movie, aliens and wormholes kind of person, then right off the bat; this movie isn’t for you. But if you are a Chris Pratt kind of person and want to see what more Owen and Star Lord can do when not running away from dinosaurs and Thanos then this movie is good as a one-time watch for sure!

Based in 2022, Pratt plays an ex-soldier turned science teacher in America who is looking for a way to get his hands on a proper lab and strut his stuff instead of teaching zombie (not actual ones, this is a sci-fi movie and not a monster one) middle schoolers about photosynthesis. His life is all about his therapist wife, played by Betty Gilpin, and his 9 year old, science enthusiast daughter- Muri.

The movie doesn’t beat about the bush because a few minutes into it comes in all the drama- soldiers from the future drop down in the middle of a soccer game being telecast for the whole world to see and announce that they’re from the future-2051 to be exact and announce that humanity is under threat and quickly losing the war to alien invaders called the “Whitespikes“. The travel back in time to warn everyone, make conscription mandatory, recruit more people to help fight off the aliens and give the armies a proper fighting chance.

The rest of the movie is all about whether they do get to save the world and what they end up learning about themselves in the process. But while the special effects aren’t out of this world (‘cuse the pun), the banter and emotions playing out here are different from the usual Hollywood fare comprising of Independence Day and its ilk. The movie is well-made and Chris Pratt rises to the occasion without going all Schwarzenegger (his FIL btw) on some alien’s intergalactic butt!

What seemed interesting to me is that Hollywood’s idea of what an invasive species from across the universe hasn’t undergone too many chances in the recent past. While we had H.G Wells starting the trend with War of the worlds, Ridley Scott’s Alien and John McTiernan’s Predator took it up a notch by making Hollywood and the rest of the world comfortable with ruthless aliens relentessly hunting down humans for food or to just exterminate them for world domination. So if there are aliens, expect crude bodies which are designed to scale walls, swims, take huge leaps and in this case, throw spikes. The gaping maws, sharp teeth and tentacles remain the same!

So watch The Tomorrow War for another churning out of a familiar Hollywood script but with better acting, a slightly different alien and pretty decent acting all around. I give it one thumbs up as a rainy Friday evening watch.

Movie Review: Jurassic World

We’re a pro-dino family. The more teeth, the better. The bigger, the better. So it was a forgone conclusion that we not only had to watch this movie but had to appreciate things about it. But all dino bias aside here’s what’s good about it…

The story couldn’t have any entirely new twist in it because the whole damn premise is about an amusement park which has dinos running amok. The more time goes by they (the film makers) just find ways to make you jump more in your seats. Be as that may, they keep the interest levels up with the new dinos that they dig up (excuse the pun) and the ways that they wreak havoc on the sadly unsuspecting populace.

Spoiler alert…go no further if you wish to see the movie and not have the predictable plot laid out bare courtesy wikipedia.

Chris Pratt is good. He’s better than what he was in Guardians of The Galaxy and that’s saying something. Gone is the man from Parks and Recreation. He doesn’t go OTT with his ex-Navy man avatar and instead does what he’s supposed to as a wrangler/trainers of the velociraptors on Isla Nublar.

The rest of the cast basically function as props but one wonders why Vincent D’Onofrio takes on these negatives roles so often these days. Possibly all those years of Law&Order made him want to have fun as the bad guy for a change?

Irrfan Khan has no business being in a dino movie. He’s an actor of no little talent and he’s deadpan in the worst possible way and very little screen presence IMHO. He dies soon enough and carries very little weight even among actors who typically don’t take up dramatic roles much.

The hero of the movie and totally living up to his name is the T-Rex. He is the king and he IS the Indominus Rex more than the test-tube-petri-dish-hybrid dino that the mad scientists have unleashed in the park.

But this movie gets a 1&1/2 thumbs up for it’s entertainment value and because no one quite does it like Spielberg…even as a producer.

Worth 2 watches but only in the movie theater…it loses its charm on the smaller screen.