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Movie Review: Jurassic World

We’re a pro-dino family. The more teeth, the better. The bigger, the better. So it was a forgone conclusion that we not only had to watch this movie but had to appreciate things about it. But all dino bias aside … Continue reading

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There’s A Dinosaur In My Bra!

No. I’m not high. Yes, I wish I was. And yes, I have a child. Ergo the weird things ending up where they ideally ought not to. Sitting down and finding a clothes pin jammed up in your butt crack … Continue reading

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Parenting Chronicles

We landed up at my parents’ place for a month (poor them) a few days ago. This was preceded by a mini family vacation to the Northern part of India, a nice, fun wedding, loads of pictures (no surprises there) … Continue reading

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The Wild Kingdom…Right At Home!

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Serengeti. Snorkel in the clear blue waters of atolls in Maldives. Scuba dive and even be inside a shark cage and see makos and great whites glide by. I’d probably give up … Continue reading

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I Know Tedaktal

Doesn’t make any sense at all? Well this is such a spelling that even a spell check might not help. So lemme reveal the actual word behind the mangled one- Pterodactyl. Whoo! that’s a doozy isn’t it? Given that it’s … Continue reading

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