The Exasperated Mommy Bloglet

Living with a teenager is quite like living with an overly opinionated, randomly emo, rather ignorant, squaking parrot who you love to bits but want to silence by throwing a tarp over.

Lockdown Day#2

Today is veggie day and I roped in my newly-freed-up-from-classes assistant and we bought, cleaned and dried everything before putting them away. Normally said assistant would be moaning and groaning through his classes while I’d be out tapping fruits and smelling the leafy greens, so having the small hooman around and helping, made for a nice change.

We took a walk in the morning while waiting for the veggie van to turn up and took a few pictures. I’ve decided that you can’t keep kids away from digital media in toto. If they have to use devices, well then, let something good come out of it.

So we took pictures of plants around the complex with me trying to tell him about different angles to capture and what made a picture stand out over others. The operative word here is “tried”.

Anyhoo, my kid helped and the tomatoes in the house have never looked or been cleaner!

All in all, it’s been a good day!