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Retrospection Bloglet

2019 was a very memorable year for me. And blogwise as well. Here’s how Ballisticbong did.

  • 111 blog posts.
  • 3622 visitors
  • Visitors came in from 50 different nations with new entrants being Georgia, Greece, Namibia, Bahrain, Iraq, Czech Republic, Norway, Croatia, Vietnam, Taiwan&Guernsey!
  • Movie reviews and picture blogs ruled the roost as always with this one having the most hits. And for that am glad because it was one close to my heart.

Why do I do this recap? Well barring the histrograms which show me ups and downs and consequently make me grin or arch an eyebrow, I know people do read even unfunny, informative posts.

So if you are a blogging veteran or someone who’s decided to put their digits to the keypad just now, know this, blogging is fun, engaging and very liberating.

Keep writing. Someone will read it for sure!



Image courtesy: Andrew Neel
Blast from the past contentment entertainment good times happiness in this day and age Indulgence Learning Life life's lessons looped matter of fact musing people SAHM self-awareness self-improvement the human mind what women want yeah baby!


It’s not your usual, run-of-the-mill number is it? 418? But it’s been 418 blog posts since that fateful day back in October 2013 when I sat down to test drive WordPress for my work-related blogs and found that it was actually quite fun and easy to blog here.

Since then it’s seen some periods of intense blogging followed by equally lethargic periods of lull and stagnation. blogs are like plants; you can water them, keep them in the sun, but they’ll bloom when and how lusciously they’d like. I like to think that there are times when there’s an abundance of growth and then there is some drought.

This is how it’s been since the first blog post published:

  • 2013: 364 visitors spread across 16 countries.
  • 2014: 1048 visitors from 38 countries.
  • 2015: 2201 visitors from 83 countries (best year yet mainly because OT started full day school!!)
  • 2016: 916 visitors from 50 countries.
  • 2017: 1012 visitors from 50 countries.
  • 2018: 1538 visitors (till date) from 43 countries.

It’s very liberating to be able to put one’s words out there. More so for a gabby person like myself. But it’s more than knowing that someone may have liked something I expressed, it’s the feeling of having reached someone sitting in say, Moldova (true story) through this medium.

So what’s next in 2019? Well I’d like to focus more on photobloglets and test drive bits of my other big project- THE BOOK on Wattpad and here.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for stopping to leave a comment. Critiques help more than praises at times. And every bit has been heard, chewed and digested towards creating better and more engaging content. I’ve realized at long last that as long as I can write and have enough inspiration to keep doing so, I’ll be content.



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A Blog A Day- Day#1

I’ve been telling the offspring to buckle down and do a couple of things but being a parent means leading by example (or so we pretend we do) so I’m going to try and hit a few targets of my own. Expect grumblings from time to time.

I want to blog more. I love to write and I’m not picky about what I choose to write about. I’m usually reading something or the other, thinking about doing something and make plans for future trips and travels galore ergo loads of food for thought or bloggy material.

So this is going to be my honey-do list/things-to-do/bucket-list galore and inshallah by 31st December, I’d have done at least 100 consecutive blog/bloglets and been able to cross things off on the ever-growing lists that my brain throws up and Red ducks very nimbly.

And on that note I felt a gaze searing to me and looked up to see MLM staring at me. Locking gazes me with he said” Cookie”. Brief. To the point and hungry.

So here I go to get him a cookie. Come back tomorrow for day two of my A.B.A.D challenge.

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CC And Counting

That CC is just me trying to be clever and semi-gloat because this is the 200th post on this blog *drum roll*.

However if I was being very, very honest I would probably need to write a couple more to make it 200 original posts since I know I’ve reblogged (another author’s) atleast one post in the past.

But the reason 200 feels good is because this blog was started off as an experiment at my last job to enhance interaction with the clients and give them more value-adds in terms of useful and important information. I chose to start the blog on WordPress to assess ease of access, usability and engagement levels in the blogosphere. So I did a pilot with a personal blog and then set up one for the org.

Nearly two years down the line, I have parted ways with the job but grown closer to the blog. Spawned a photoblog and another less than politically correct one (or so I like to think).

I know 200 blog posts in nearly two years isn’t all that great an achievement per se. Not because quantity is the name of the game but if you do *blog* then you should blog as often as possible. Because that’s what you do. And you like it. And you do get better at it. Not in terms of playing to your gallery but better at expressing yourself and getting it right the first time around and not having to do too many edits.

But what does make me happy about is the stuff I’m writing about. Whether it’s my child, any current events which make me think more than usual, some random musing about yet another random thing; I am writing. And writing reasonably well methinks.

The likes help. The comments even more so but each post is a chronicle of you, your cognitions and your perceptions of the world and ultimately you as an individual.

And it feels good to have an imprint somewhere, albeit digitally, of oneself to look back at or even at real-time.

So here’s to the ol’ cortex. It makes me think, express and envision. Not always rationally but then again “to always think rationally is a sign of delusion”.


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