The 80s&90s

Those were some fun decades…especially in the way movies were made.

This last week I watched some movies I had DVRd and utterly enjoyed the blast of nostalgia!

I started with Die Hard…a movie you can never go wrong with. Whether you’re burping a baby, fighting with a spouse, feeling angst or anything else this is an ‘Anytime Movie’.

Bruce Willis’ deadpan face gets stiff competition from the late Alan Rickman but as far as thrilling action movies are concerned, this one is right up there with the best.

Add to it the poofy 80s hair-dos made stiff with hairspray, the blazers and sweaters with their shoulder pads that made people look like linebackers. The ponytails tied high and one side, the white hightops everyone seemed to favor and the Frankie Goes To Hollywood track that most of the movies seem to integrate in their OSTs…Ah! Good stuff.

2nd on my list was Hard To utterly, completely silly farce of a movie made by Steven Seagal and starring yet another person who shouldn’t ever have “acted” aka Kelly LeBrock.

While Under Siege is another of my Anytime Movies and made by Seagal, the flow of the movie in Hard to Kill is plainly hard to swallow and yet it escapes being so bad it’s actually good. Instead it’s just a movie that makes you guffaw if nothing else simply because it’s really that flat. Seagal also delivered gems like Out For Justice which was in a class by itself (insert big time eye roll).

But this isn’t a post about movies alone. It’s about a point in time. I was a child growing up in the 80s and 90s…and it was such an interesting time. Make-up was better louder, hair was better poofier a la Bon Jovi and his ilk and groups like Bell Biv Devoe were on the air.

And while I listen to Cheap Thrills on continuous loop (courtesy the offspring); harking back to the 80s and 90s doesn’t seem like a bad time at all.

Cheers to nostalgia.

Under Siege- Always A Good Idea

Most movie reviews start with a title that lets you know that there’s a review coming your way. Mine hasn’t done that. Tough.

Steven Seagal may be bloated and a Putin-loving, firearms-promoting Buddhist but many, many, many years ago he was slightly attractive (to Moi) and was kicking ass in his own minimalistic way. I say minimalistic because there seemed to be an economy of movement rather than the rabid monkey style that Jackie Chan’s movies seem to employ.

The reason a good action movie is usually a good idea is because they’re not overly long, they keep up a good solid pace and use tongue-in-cheek or even hit-in-you-in-the-face kinda humor while piling up the body count.

Under Siege is as typical as American action movies get where the foreign powers aren’t trying to invade their shores. With Gary Busey’s mean portrayal of Commander Krill and Tommy Lee Jones‘ near convincing of an off-the-walls  Strannix, this movie is a must-watch for its bad guys alone. But then Seagal saunters in with his slow, unhurried drawl about automatic and semi-automatic and you want to see how far Casey Ryback goes from chopping carrots to dispatching the bad guys all in the same non-hyper monkey style.

In short? Grab some popcorn and switch on Seagal and sail away on the USS Missouri!