A Brush With S.A.D…Almost

S.A.D often makes people sad and in that regard the acronym is bang on! But Seasonal Affective Disorder isn’t something that Indians worry about much; or at all. We being the land of sunshine, sweat and generally good weather for the most part.

But bring a cyclonic front into the mix and you have gloom all over. From my balcony all I could see was a big, grey misty curtain that was obscuring most of my view. It had been raining since the start of this week, right from the weekend onwards and now we have a semi-chill all over the house. With the floors feeling damp, the clothes not drying and the fans overhead sending chills through our bodies!

I for one, want to get back into bed, read and have endless cups of hot beverages and not have anything to do online classes, answering calls and just take a day off everything that’s a To-Do…

Oh to *not* be an adult…life never stops for us.