things to do.

1.find a better way to wear the hair rather than just falling back on the clip.
2. plan a mother’s day gift /activity in time.
3.check out the new walden and see if the heretic is available.
4.find a way to let the nice and extremely officious guy at work  know that NO, he cant drop me everyday!!!
5.get tickets for the poseidon for friday.
6.make out list of things to demand/wheedle from the pater’s US trip.
7.clean out basement and tackle books before they topple over and bury me.
.find out if billy zane is available!!!!

you scratch my back and i’ll think about scratching yours

India and US have signed an MoU regarding the chandrayaan. but it seems somewhat loaded in US’ favor. the Manmohan Singh govt had announced quite proudly that an indian astronaut would be trained at NASA and that indians’ advent into space would become more regular activity.
today’s headlines proclaim things somewhat differently. the decision that an indian astro would not be trained at NASA at the moment was confirmed by none less than the director of the org but we would still be taking up “instruments&objects” for NASA on chandrayaan’s journey to the moon.
apparently the union govt thinks that it’s better to compromise on smaller things and get our space station built asap and then sit down and talk turkey with big brother.
a clear case of haathi ke khaaney ke aur dikhaaney daanth being alag?