the dunes of thar in sec’bad

you know, when hyd’badis go all out they really go all out! 
the bicentennials of sec’bad are being celebrated throughout this entire week and hyd’bad’s lit up and sec’bad’s sparkling clean (even in the presence of rainfall) and the kind of performer brought down here to commemorate the occasion are stalwarts in their own fields!

there are a group of rajasthani singers called the manganiyaars. they inhabit the barmer and jaisalmer areas and are basically troubadors. they’re old friends with hyd’bad music festivals and have their crowd favorites….they sang nimbooda-the way it’s supposed to be sung and not with AR skipping around the room like she has ants in her pants!

i walked in while the kuchipudi prog was ending and i caught the tillana part of it where the danseuese did some fantastic stuff while standing on a plate and then the whirlwind movements began across the stage in a finale.

 more people lined up in the following days are-pt.jasraj (will leave that),sivamani  (count me in), hariprasaid chaurasiya (ditto), hariharan (haath mein jaam aur ek mehfil ) and qawwals from pakistan.

thankfully they arent wasting too much time with the salutations and bakbaking by the politicos either.
oh yeah, last day-DALER MEHNDI!!!


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