rolf and then some!!

Oh god!! I met such a funny creature today. Make that 2 funny creatures.
2 students from the University of Warangal  (or some place that sounded like that) were in my institute for a sales promo.
They came around to me and tried to sell me an aggregate britannica (which the lady first called britannia) and then a dictionary.
I said no for the britannica first and then the 200-words-a-minute woman whipped out the dictionary and told me that I shudn’t lose the chance to buy this book because it didnt just give the meanings of words, it gave DEFINITIONS also.
Everybody….go “oooooooooooh”.
And then the guy who was with her tells me that Ma’am this book also has a thesaurus ‘built in’ and a thesaurus is a book which tells us what “words are called in other places’. Seeing my “wtf” expression he hastened to explain that other places meant if we were using the word to describe something and didnt want to use that same word because it was not glamorous enough,
WHO is god’s name gave them this training in salesmanship?
Btw, that’s not all- apparently the dictionary also would tell me “where the word came from” and “how many parts it has”.



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