Lazy Sundays…A Myth For Parents

MLM kept tapping my face relentlessly first thing early this morning till I sleepily opened my eyes to find him mere milimeters away from me and smiling beatifically. A smiling face when am still not awake and ready to smile awakens my inner dragons. They are baby dragons when the person who wakes me up is my child. But fire breathing nonetheless.

This is how our conversation went-

Me: Why are you up? Do you want to go to the bathroom? *glances at mobile to see the time, 5:59 am*

MLM: Noooo…I want milk. Smiles

Me: *grumbling* ask Baba (Red) pleaseeee? Yeah right! High hopes..

MLM: (seriously) Baba is sleeping Ayu. Ayu is getting up.

Gaaah!! Of course I’ll get if someone does pat-a-cake to my face. Buy no one said parenting came with adequate sleep for the parents involved.

After milk&honey is handed over, in a glass color of his choice, MLM sits and happily chats away like it’s midday instead of 6 am on a Sunday!!

I tell him to have his milk and sleep for some more time and he chirps back how he wants to make triangles, dinosaurs and starts lining up his arsenal of color pencils in a row to start the attack of colors by small hands.

I give him a jumbo coloring book and snuggle back down good mood restored. 2 minutes later the face tapping starts again…

Me: ( sighing resignedly) Yes baby?

MLM: (smiling again) POTTY.

Sunday’s become Monday!


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