Red’s grandmother passed away this evening. She was a week shy of her 97th birthday. She was quite an interesting person and while I did not love her, I did like her. Quite a bit.

I think it takes a lot of forbearance to not give up the will to live when everyone who was a friend or a contemporary has passed on. When you don’t see all your kids as often as you would like to, let alone grandkids and great-grandkids. When getting up, eating, self-care is managed via helpers and effectively your world becomes one room in a house.

She was lucid and sharp uptil she couldn’t be anymore and when she had full possession of her faculties she was sharp as a tack.

My husband’s family isn’t very gung-ho about being demonstrative with their affection and I remember Red’s grandmom visibly looking surprised after I kissed her cheek on a visit soon after I got married. To say that Red was shocked would be an understatement…it was tantamount to bearding the lion in the den. One did NOT go around kissing this grandma! But in time she became used to it and I could swear that she would often tilt her cheek my way when I’d come to say bye 🙂

What I am happier about is that MLM got to know his great-grandmother in a time when getting facetime with grandparents is a challenge! He’d run off with all the little odds and ends she’d keep in her room and just barely make a pitstop to say ‘Hi’ and go bounding off again!

But he was able to make her smile on occasion and of that I’m glad…she was his great-grandmother and some day he’ll be able to appreciate having had that time with her even if it’s merely anecdotal memories…

It’s always tough to lose grandparents. You know they are old and often infirm
but you can’t imagine things without them either. Especially when they are a grande dame like the one we had.

We’ll miss you.