Parenting Bloopers

MLM has been harping about pizzas for a few days now. My son, for all this faults, isn’t a junk food junkie. He loves chips as do most kids and has the KFC’s Popcorn chicken about twice a month. But barring that he’s rather negative on the burgers, cheesy nachos et al. But he asked for pizzas so often I had no option but to overrule my own judgement and order a pizza for him for his lunch today.

And that’s where it got interesting. He wanted his pizza to look like the image he saw in the standy at the pizzeria and wouldn’t you know it? That particular pizza was NOT on their menu. So I customized it for him with black olives, green bell peppers, onions, tomatoes…all the colors he asked for. Then he ran around, behind the counter and asked them at least 10 times when the pizza was arriving. And then it arrived. And he didn’t want it.

End of story.

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