The Lure Of the Terrible

Like good things tempt us, bad things tempt us even more. When I say bad I don’t necessarily mean sinful or decadent or even libertine in any way. I mean BAD as in how-in-God’s-name-was-this-allowed-type bad.

Movies fall into this category very well, thankfully because sometime your brain likes the jolt that comes from watching something so utterly ludicrous and bad that it’s actually farcical and that in itself is a way to destress.

I was reading a list of movies that were being panned and amongst them this one caught my eye because it was SO out there that I had to watch it!

It seemed like some frat boys high on some high on acid had come up with the idea and well let’s say I was intrigued enough to see what they executed with such a brainstorm.

So I’m going to watch it and hopefully find a new source of entertainment in the process.

*Fades out to the theme music of Jaws*




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