In Memoriam: Robin Williams

Woke up this morning to a truly saddening news- Robin Williams was no more. Had been a while since I’d seen anything he’d starred in but he was an actor who had a fantastic range of expressions but was largely categorized as a comic actor due to the large number of comedies he starred in. But you only have to see movies like What Dreams May Come to know the gamut of emotions he was capable of portraying.

He was the centerpiece of Dead Poet’s Society along with Sean Robert Leonard, the perfect foil to De Niro in Awakenings, a perfect delight in Patch Adams through all the sadness and Mrs.Doubtfire was classic Williams through out.

I remember watching him in HBO’s Comic Relief where he indulged in more of his adult themes in comedy along with Whoppi Goldberg and Billy Crytal but his ability to stay passive faced while his words caused cascades of laughter in others was his forte.

What is truly ironic is that the ‘funny man’ allegedly died by his own hands and due to depression. What does it to take to make the world laugh while you battle the very thing that prevents you from feeling joy or comfortable in your own skin?

I guess the answer dies with him and everyone else who decides that their life isn’t worth living anymore.

Be as it may, his gift will linger and I for one am going to do a Robin Williams marathon very soon.

Adieu Captain O My Captain.

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