The Sporadic Cook Cooks. Finally


I have a cook who comes in 6 days a week. We aren’t rich or anything but this is how things kind of work out in India. Lots of easily available people for the cooking and cleaning. Frees you up to have a career, just waste your time watching the t.v, do something constructive…anything!
But totally frees you up from the cycle of cutting, chopping and cooking.

My husband had been grumbling that the food hadn’t been upto par of late and I decided to step into the kitchen and dole out something different from what our cook usually makes round the week.

I got some fresh chicken from the butcher and just set about chopping up all the veggies (and one fungus) I found in the fridge.

The bed of veggies to cushion the clucks.

Lightly sauteed they were and then got packed into the microwave to cook whatever little life might have been left in them. Veggies are living things too you know. Yay Greenpeace!

Anyhow it was simple and I enjoyed hearing the sear and sizzle of the food cooking. My very own snap, crackle and pop if you will…and there we were 20 minutes later.

So either the dinner’s palatable and the Lord&Master is a happy camper or he stops complaining about the cook’s cooking because the alternative aint that good either.

Cheers people. Have a good weekend.


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