Ode To A Hot Cuppa Tea

Coffee rejuvenates. It brings us back from the dead but there’s a  (uplifting) magic in a hot cup of tea as well.

Picture this- a clear tawny liquid that you can see straight through.

Add a healthy squeeze of lemon and some slivers of ginger into the mix and you have a hot, tangy sip hitting your tongue with a hint of pungence and seeping through your sleepy bones and warming you up inch by inch.

The way tea often scores over coffee is this- coffee is like applying jumper cables to a body but tea is like a slow awakening that arouses your conscious little by little and let’s your savor the feeling of being reenergized.

Some days it takes a shot of caffeine to the nerves to get you going and other days, the slow and steady warming up of the mind and body is an experience in itself as well.

Let’s go grab a cuppa 🙂


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