And We’re 6…

Well WE aren’t six. We’re mid-30s and staying that way till the big 4-0 rolls over and flattens us into pancakes.

The brat is 6. And has a nasty case of sniffles and a hacking cough. Oh joy. A year older and about to be pumped full of meds. Which kid doesn’t want that?

We had a really small birthday party for him. Total stag. Last year he had more friends come over and then hid out in a spare bedroom and opened all his gifts while his little friends roamed all over and had fun (?).

This year, keeping his wishes and extremely large personal space in mind, Red and I asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday. After the gift list that he usually repeats ad nauseam a couple of times a week, he finally fixated on the group of little boys he goes swimming with. That’s all he wanted for his birthday party. 4 other friends who would come over, have cake, play some party games and have fun. Right? Of course right! Erm..not really.

They had fun. The hooting, hollering and racing around with voices raised confirms that much. The rest ranged from shiny-eyed munchkins who saw the chocolate truffle cake and said yummy to the ones who kept “encouraging” MLM to open his gifts and start playing with them.

I got requests for specific colors of cupcake frosting, flavors, juice and even inquiries about the goody bags to be taken back home.

By the time the partee was over there were happy, chocolatey kids who left with loud byes and fervent hand waves and we went back to a house that was still resonating with a kiddy party vibes.

Boy! Am I glad that’s over for another year.

Let’s see what kind of “fun” being 6 brings our way 🙂

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