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Bloglet: From Highs to Lows

It’s my personal view point that very few things have the kind of power to reduce us to feeling tiny and insignificant like technology does.

Take this particular case…I got my brand new laptop. Tis pretty. It’s not black but I let it slide. Lovely big screen, faster RAM and more memory for me to store all the delicious little junk I end up storing…like squirrels and acorns…

Anyhoo…it’s all good, we’re bonding and I can’t get the @ sign to work! Instead it ends up giving me the ” sign again and again.

I call my 24/7 tech support aka Red aka The Hubster aka He Who Married And Repented et al spewed forth and finally while typing out this post I “accidentally” found out that the bleeping symbols had been switched on the laptop. They were in their usual spot but the keyboard functions required to get them to do their thang were switched.

For crying out loud! It’s enough to drive a person to commit a crime.