A Quick Trip To Uppada

In the district of East Godavari, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, lies the smallish village of Uppada. Know for its hand looms, the place was on our itinerary recently as we took in a bit of sight-seeing while exploring the wetlands of Kakinada.

Our kids, mine and a friend’s, are pure city slickers. Mine cries out for room service like Princess Vespa from the Spaceballs movie.

But all that apart, our target was to get the kids to see how different people make a living and possibly see a bit of village life and how something as beautiful as a silk saree gets made.

Here’s what we found…

A partially woven silk Uppada saree


The weaving extraordinaire…notice the pedals below the floor level
The weaver’s grandsons showing us how a bobbin looks.
A lovely, vibrant and lightweight Uppada silk.

The artistry of Indian weavers is eons old and while in many places it’s a dying craft because of mechanization, it’s still quite inspiring to see a few colorful threads spinning around merrily and transforming themselves into a lush fabric.

Here’s to more visits to the hinterlands and discovering more of indigenous art forms and their practitioners.


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