A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

A year back on this day, I was standing in line to board a flight to Dubai. I would then catch another flight to Barcelona and in a day meet my closest pal in the whole world and do whatever the heck we felt like!

I wasn’t feeling like a child on the first day of school but there were some butterflies because I was travelling alone internationally for the first time and that too for a longish distance.

And for the first time in a while I wasn’t shooing along a child, managing more bags than I wanted to or promising junk food and artery-hardening gratification to a small human while I shooed him along.

The journey was blissful. Red had made sure I was traveling in more comfort than I usually do and I’m glad he did because I love my creature comforts and inside my head I revel in putting on a snooty voice saying, “Don’t mind if I do” when offered a glass of champagne from a stewardess.

My closest passenger was an elderly Arab gentleman who seemed disturbed that I was tucked up to the chin in a blanket, drinking alcohol and enjoying the gratuitous violence of the John Wick series. He kept clicking his tongue, shaking his head and probably praying for my lost soul.

My trip was eventful in many ways but the only thing that keeps coming back to me after a year is that I was supremely happy!

Walking along the streets of Barcelona and Madrid with one of the people I love the most; taking in the new sights, enjoying the crisp 6-7 degrees Celcius (44 F ) temperature and enjoying a semblance of winter for a change.

The food, the language of the people and the sightseeing just helped round off the most memorable trip ever! And I’m raring to go back!



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