Technophiles R Us

While I’ve been looking to write more, I found quite a few posts half-baked, half-done, half-started…and those are one I’m going to try and complete unless inspiration leaves me for good. This is one of them- started in 2017 sometime and languishing for three years in the drafts section of this blog. High time it gets to take a bow…

I’m not terribly smart with technology. My benchmark is a geek husband and living amongst people who are perpetually dealing with techonology. I guess I can call myself at par with the majority of poeple who have an active life online.

And this “life” goes beyond Facebook and chatting; this life is about everything that makes me tick, the essentials, the necessities and also the wants. I pay majority of my bills online, I take doctors’ appointments online, I book tickets online, hotels, order food, give feedback, help people make bookings for the work that I do, advertise, research and also V-E-N-T!

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Whenever I visit my folks I find that they have been slow to take to technology, more out of choice rather than compulsion. They still like to go out and pay their phone bills at a kiosk manned by a human being rather than the coldhearted world of the online payment portals. Maybe it keeps them busy, maybe they worry about all the steps needed to log on, pay, log-off..who knows. But human interaction is greatly overrated in my viewpoint. Especially when you’re a customer who isn’t getting the service they need and deserve and when they need it.

I went to a bank today for some work (that I couldn’t do online) and I had to rely on the staff there for help. BIG MISTAKE! It took 2 people 10 minutes to find a blue pen (I made the mistake of taking a black one with me) and after that it took 30 minutes for me to get 10 sheets of printouts because someone had forgotten to turn the printer on.

None of these people are dumb. They’re just not focused.

I understand that not everyone is tech-savvy or has access to personal computers even in this day and age. But sometimes human beings make it so difficult to deal with things since they seem to be unable to do what machines can- not have feelings.

The bank manager was in a bad mood and had yelled at quite a few of his staff leading to a good amount of grumbling amongst them. Some were jittery, all wary and disgruntled and it had a cascading effect on their entire work flow and work space.

That doesn’t happen unless you’re in a sci-fi movie where a human has managed to integrate with a machine and has a consciousness along with the well…mechanics and precision of a machine with none of the mess than sentiment brings with it.

All in all, I’d prefer to limit my human interaction to my socialisation and like my transactions with money and materials to be mechanical.

And you?

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