Muddled up Monday

After a looong time is Monday living up to its manic reputation. Since the advent of online classes, all the weekdays have blended- one into the other. The weekends are distinguishable since I’m less of a fire-breathing dragon then. On Saturdays and Sundays, am just a dragon who wants coffee, a head massage, some more coffee, some beer or maybe some wine, a Kindle and a bed all to myself. They may be a tiny spurt of fire from time to time but I can neither confirm nor deny that with certainty.

Today started on a wonky note. TO had to go for his early morning cricket coaching but he chose not to. That was conveyed to both Red and I only after we woke up at 5:20 am to wake him up. Kids..whaddyagonnado?!

He had an assembly online and due to scratchy noises from everyone else who was logging in, he spent most of his time with either a scrunched up face or the volume on waay low and acting like his world was coming to an abrupt end. On most days however, he acts like Atlas who wishes he could shrug and shrug good!

Anyhoo, between sheepdogging him back to his classes, co-orindating with the people who’re starting our renovation work, talking to the guy who came to deliver the cylinder, sorting out issues with the maintenance help desk, getting the sofa measurements done by the upholstery guy and ultimately making sure that TO eats/ate and isn’t taking any unsanctioned time off due to Red and I being busier than usual, this day’s been busier than Mondays have been in a long time.

It might even end up being one of my rare 3-cup Java Mondays!!!

Haven’t had those in a while. But wait, the evening cricket class, homework and the clean-up at home is still remaining…might have to stretch it to a four-cuppa-joe. Oh Mercy!


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