Movie Review- Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania

The takeaways from this movie are this: kids are pains who don’t listen to their parents to the extent of creating a war in the multiverse; Paul Rudd honestly doesn’t age much and even at 78, Michael Douglas got swag! For the fans of the Marvelverse and who enjoy seeing Antman become massive and miniscule all within minutes, this movie is a must-see.

With the quantumverse being front and center in the second sequel to Antman, the viewers are exposed to a new world with more characters, a brand new bad guy- say hello to Kang, and another war for the salvation of mankind, jellykind and basically all kinds and tongue in cheek humor from Paul Rudd.

Spoiler: In a flashback we see that Janet van Dyne left some secrets behind when she escaped the quantumverse. Among them was an exiled superbeing- Kang the Conqueror, another Thanos in the making who wanted to rectify the order of the universe and set it right and basically be the Big Kahuna.

Janet scuttles his escape plan and leaves him to create a dystopian empire, fight rebels who are trying to thwart him all while he’s looking for the Pym particles to help him put his power core back together. Enter Scott Lang who must save his daughter, restore the power core and also stop the power core from falling into the wrong hands.

Predictably predictable and still able to elicit hoots and whistles from the audience, this movie falls back on the good vs evil narrative while introducing characters like a strawberry jelly being who wants to have “holes”, a telepath, the leader of the rebels with crazy good abs and last but certainly not the least- ants on quantumverse steroids who save the day.

Evangeline Lily, Michelle Pfeiffer and Bill Murray seem very one dimensional and it’s almost as if the movie would have survived without them, despite Wasp being an integral part of Antman.

To sum up- wait for it to premier on OTT.


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