Muddled up Monday

After a looong time is Monday living up to its manic reputation. Since the advent of online classes, all the weekdays have blended- one into the other. The weekends are distinguishable since I'm less of a fire-breathing dragon then. On Saturdays and Sundays, am just a dragon who wants coffee, a head massage, some more... Continue Reading →

Chronicles Of A Mom In A Car#1

Mothers spend a lot of time waiting for their children. Starting with the actual birth itself, then the latching on, followed by the weaning off, the all-important toilet training, eating solids, walking, talking, running and then the slow and inevitable process of growing up. And lest I forget...the UBER-important...the falling asleep. Over the past few... Continue Reading →

Red-1 Me-0

I am a linguistic snob. I was educated (read thrashed into proper pronunciation+enunciation) by my teachers; majority of them who were Anglophiles or were brought up to regard Wren&Martin at par with their particular religious canons. And while I'm not always right, am not usually too off the mark. This morning over breakfast, I mentioned... Continue Reading →

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