Wordsworth Had It Wrong…

The clouds were *not* lonely and he could have done a lot more of the waxing on eloquently about clouds rather than daffodils- which are pretty flowers all said and done. I'm sure I usually drive my co-passengers a bit batty with the clicking sounds from my camera or my mobile, but something comes over me when … Continue reading Wordsworth Had It Wrong…

A Pesky Beauty Pimp!

This transcript has been reproduced here to my best recollection and is verbatim. And YES. It did happen. Exactly how it reads. Full points for persistence to the person on the other side of the phone though I'll keep my obesity, skin problems and unwanted hair, thank you very much! Me: Hello. Customer care rep: … Continue reading A Pesky Beauty Pimp!

Kids: The Beauty Of The Little People

Witnessed two separate instances of candid and unadulterated (excuse the pun) kiddy behavior yesterday. Enjoy reading about them. I enjoyed experiencing them: Scenario 1: Last evening at the play area MLM and another little friend of his got into a tiff which seemed to be escalating to epic proportions. Well epic differs from people to … Continue reading Kids: The Beauty Of The Little People

A Letter To My Sleeping Son

The following content has been rated GG (goody-goody and slightly gagworthy). Spoiler alert- expect mother love and nothing else. Dear Monkeyboy, Ever since I saw that little button nose in the sonogram I knew you'd be the cutest person in the whole world. And while you weren't the chubbiest kid ever born, the pearly luster … Continue reading A Letter To My Sleeping Son

The Make-over Malarkey

I recently decided to go the Groupon way and the first (and only purchase) I made was for salon services. It was very convenient to purchase and I finally got the opportunity to avail it today. Truth be told it HAD to be today since it was going to expire tomorrow but yeah..that's how we … Continue reading The Make-over Malarkey