Ask And Ye Shall Receive

A few days ago I wondered to myself that the reptiles we are forced to share our home with are suspiciously MIA given how summer’s setting in.

That was really stupid thing to do because there are times when the universe answers questions, not always prayers but often questions and answers then with a BANG!

This morning while grabbing the life-sustaining can that contains the magic that is caffeine, a fairly healthy and aggressive specimen of the Bane Of My Existence Aka Wall Crawler Supreme In All Its Ickiness, came charging out at me, making me almost drop the coffee. Almost. Now *that* would have been a catastrophe.

Stupid tropical country with its tropical climate that’s optimum for creepy crawlies..

Peas, Worms&Reruns

I’m stuck with buying frozen peas when my batch of fresh ones run out. I try to buy a few kilos at a time and then chuck them in the refrigerator for as long as they’ll keep and go back to the supermarket for the frozen stuff once I run out.

Yesterday while I was shelling about 2 kgs of peas, a nice big wiggly worm wiggled its wobbly body out of a pea shell and calmly took a walk across my dining table. If I’d had an empty glass jar at home, I’d have kept it in one, with some leaves to see how much more it’d have grown…nice stuff for MLM to see and learn from without rushing to get Google’s of Alexa’s aid in learning about wormliness.

But I didn’t have a glass jar and the worm had to be let go in the trash can instead- we don’t squish stuff unless we can help it.

So on went the pea-shelling exercise while I binge-watched (tried to) episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. It is really like going back in time- unemotional Christina, messy Meredith, sad-eyed Derrick and the list goes on…kind of like the worm I threw out. The little crawler had managed to climb out of the trash bin and had made its way across the floor when the offspring saw it and was creeped out.

Now, I’ve said it before and will say it again- I don’t get kids! This boy of mine will get droopy-eyed with love seeing a cobra spread its hood or an anaconda squeeze the life out of a prey and get squeamish about a half-inch worm on the floor. Can you feel the disdain and dafuqness coming off me in waves?

So El Wormo was picked up on a pencil, transferred onto a leaf and was heartlessly thrown down the trash chute. Well, not entirely heartlessly, we did give it a leaf for its journey towards certain death. And if it didn’t die after its trip down 9 floors in a vertical shaft, I’m not going to eat any more peas from that last shelled batch that house Mr.Worm…who knows what kind of mutants we’ll turn into.


Ode To My Oddballs

My family is a bit kooky. And in that we’re perfectly normal I suppose. Since I don’t have a “fly-on-the-wall” access to my friends and neighbors’ homes, am assuming that their kookiness can rival and often outdo mine. Those who are painfully normal, I don’t know what to say…you are clearly the minority amongst us. I don’t know many of you so that clues you into what kind of people I belong with.

Take for example things I say to my kid quite often which others may jiggle their eyebrows at. A statement like, “Put on your pajamas and move your snake off the floor” is very probable and in fact was uttered while I was booting up the laptop.

My 8-year old coming to me and spouting the details of the Serval for durations which seem like eons to me also occur quite frequently. And suddenly phrases like “one’s life flashing before their eyes” don’t seem like such a phrase anymore…you can literally feel your hair and nails growing while the offspring drones on and on about small-big cats and suddenly segues into the Eyelash Viper ;yet another creature you had the pleasure of not knowing anything about till your flesh and blood decided you were pathetically uninformed about the creepy crawly and decided to make things right.

Recently, exactly 2 days ago, the Lord and Master (henceforth referred to as L&M) gave me a Fitbit smart watch. Am sure he was influenced by those unending ads on the telly which try to insidiously get inside your head and tell you to buy jewellery for the woman in your life. If not platinum, then diamonds and if nothing else works, go for the gold! Tis the season of bling after all!

So..Le Fitbit Watch-It monitors my heart rate (always galloping), let’s me know the optimum resting phase (so I don’t keep imitating a slug) and generally nudges me off the posterior so I can get moving in ways designed to help me. The ways I move that don’t help me much are my versions of tangos and weird jerky-dancing which I’m prone to break into as if in the throes of a partial seizure. But then again…Bollywood is in my veins and no dance is risqué enough, no dance is too weird and the more spontaneously you indulge in it, the truer you are to your people!

So this watch,which is waterproof, is helping me define new “health goals”. And yes, those would be sarcastic air quotes had I been speaking out loud. I am now suddenly very aware of not taking the stairs enough…the Fitbit reminds me that half a staircase has been climbed. How does one climb half a staircase anyhow?

I’m reminded that I haven’t had the mandatory 3000 mls of water I need to have on a daily basis along with the optimal amount of sleep I should be having. It’s all fine and dandy and maybe in time I’ll even grow into it, but as of 2 in the morning today when I felt a weird lump behind my back, went into the Princess and the Pea mode…I realized that I was sleeping with the watch on (for sleep monitoring purposes only) and the discomfort was making me thrash around, raising the “resting phase heart rate” to near-awake heart rates, steadily heading towards I’m going to be a solid beeyotch in a few hours if i don’t get some sleep” heart rate

And apropos to nothing; while I type this out the offspring is sitting next to me, still in his pajama tops-no bottoms and making hissing noises with the toy (miniature, thank the Heavens!) black cobra while he peers over my shoulders and takes dainty sips of his chocolate milk.

These are the oddities in my life. Thank goodness for that!

Now excuse me while I get my deep breathing done courtesy Fitbit…Breathe in….Breathe out.


A Peek At My Photoblog#1

We took a weekend trip to Tadoba, Maharashtra to see tigers in the wild. That did *not* happen. Spiders however featured largely on the menu..

Take a peek here.

It’s A Wormy Friday Morning

This morning MLM and his father saved a wiggly worm. It was in a pool of water and unmoving and to me it seemed like a piece of bark but my kid knew different.

He wanted to see it move and have it taken out of a potentially watery grave and Red obliged.

This is the leggy critter after it dried itself out in the sun.






Am sure it’ll multiply and leave squirming larvae all over the area.

No good deed goes unpunished 🙂