Peas, Worms&Reruns

I’m stuck with buying frozen peas when my batch of fresh ones run out. I try to buy a few kilos at a time and then chuck them in the refrigerator for as long as they’ll keep and go back to the supermarket for the frozen stuff once I run out.

Yesterday while I was shelling about 2 kgs of peas, a nice big wiggly worm wiggled its wobbly body out of a pea shell and calmly took a walk across my dining table. If I’d had an empty glass jar at home, I’d have kept it in one, with some leaves to see how much more it’d have grown…nice stuff for MLM to see and learn from without rushing to get Google’s of Alexa’s aid in learning about wormliness.

But I didn’t have a glass jar and the worm had to be let go in the trash can instead- we don’t squish stuff unless we can help it.

So on went the pea-shelling exercise while I binge-watched (tried to) episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. It is really like going back in time- unemotional Christina, messy Meredith, sad-eyed Derrick and the list goes on…kind of like the worm I threw out. The little crawler had managed to climb out of the trash bin and had made its way across the floor when the offspring saw it and was creeped out.

Now, I’ve said it before and will say it again- I don’t get kids! This boy of mine will get droopy-eyed with love seeing a cobra spread its hood or an anaconda squeeze the life out of a prey and get squeamish about a half-inch worm on the floor. Can you feel the disdain and dafuqness coming off me in waves?

So El Wormo was picked up on a pencil, transferred onto a leaf and was heartlessly thrown down the trash chute. Well, not entirely heartlessly, we did give it a leaf for its journey towards certain death. And if it didn’t die after its trip down 9 floors in a vertical shaft, I’m not going to eat any more peas from that last shelled batch that house Mr.Worm…who knows what kind of mutants we’ll turn into.



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