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My Two And A Half Cents

Why two and a half? Well..I might not get everything out with just two cents worth ergo the extra half cent to properly cover the bases. Without further ado let me mention that this blog post is about the now uber … Continue reading

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Ban The Man?

The latest news about atrocities against women has gained quite a bit of momentum. The incident happened in Hyderabad and in a hostel no less. And that’s why the decisions taken by the university management really goaded me to write; since … Continue reading

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The Perils of Callow Youth

I don’t know what has changed me more: growing up didn’t do much but becoming a parent sure did. And hearing about what goes on in the world around us on a daily basis is one shocker after another. This … Continue reading

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Things Fall Apart Circa 2014

We read Chinua Achebe‘s Things Fall Apart as a foil to The Heart Of Darkness in college. But the name of Achebe’s novel has become highly prophetic especially as a testimony to the times we live in. The way I … Continue reading

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