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Bedhair: A Quick Look

Have you ever had one of those days when you got up, stumbled to the loo, turned on the light and thought,”Dang! My hair looks awesome!” How’d it get like that? No? Well, that’s understandable…the likelihood of bed-hair looking good … Continue reading

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Of Deaf Leopards&Animal Scat

I’d overslept this morning and headed out to the gym midday, MLM in tow. Boy! That should have tipped me off exactly what would ensue while driving those measly 4 kms. But by all means, let me wax on and … Continue reading

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Book Review- Fowl Language

This book speaks for itself. It’s non-preachy and basically talks about the incomprehensible, inexplicable turns a person’s life takes once they become a parent. From juice boxes to joy, partying to poop and basically the utter, utter delight and nerve-wracking … Continue reading

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7 Degrees of Blondeness

My father sends me a lot of forwards. And when I say a lot I mean a lot. And I used to be the Queen of Forwards once upon a time. But some of his forwards are truly entertaining. Like … Continue reading

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The Mumbling Husband

Originally published in- http://fortunatecave.livejournal.com/110328.html Red mumbles. And quite likely, I’m going deaf in one ear. This is how it happened:  I was saying something about Mumaith Khan  Red said something I heard as thus- She looks like Cromwell. Me: Cromwell? … Continue reading

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