I am a linguistic snob. I was educated (read thrashed into proper pronunciation+enunciation) by my teachers; majority of them who were Anglophiles or were brought up to regard Wren&Martin at par with their particular religious canons. And while I’m not always right, am not usually too off the mark.

This morning over breakfast, I mentioned the word caveat and said it the way I have been my entire life- which is KAV-EAT. Red jumped on the moment and V-E-R-Y smugly told me I was wrong. He also very politely told me to SUCK IT (sic)!

In my defense, people rarely go around actually uttering caveat and write it or read it more so…my rare foray into being wrong can be overlooked!

The takeaway here is this-The joys of married life are varied and occasionally you get to stick it to your spouse- excuse the unfortunate and unavoidable puns.