2020…what’s next?

The easiest answer would be 2021…DUH! But it’s become way more than that. The last time there was a brouhaha over a year or its ending was Y2K but that turned out to be a damp squib in comparison. Heads up! This is an image-heavy post…

While 2019 ended on an interesting note- first international trip with the bestie, getting mugged, realisations about life, yada yada…I also spent time with people I love and look forward to seeing at the end of every year, saw G dance his butt off on stage, spent quality time with my folks (always a highlight in my book); the year ended on a goodish note overall. Which is basically all you can hope for, especially when you have zero clue what lies ahead.

When Bollywood music takes over!

2020 has been the year of the pandemic for sure but it’s also been a year of reaching out to each other for support. It’s been the year of coming closer, hugs and kisses, playing dress up with chubby toddlers, celebrating things on a smaller scale but with more happiness. It’s been a year of dealing with Covid- inside the home and within extended family. It’s been about heading out for open spaces at the first opportunity because one didn’t know when the next opportunity would present itself. It’s also been one about realising how much of an impact we have on our immediate environment because once the cars stopped going out on the roads, the skies became clearer, bluer and wildlife became bolder and more abundant.

Where TO is concerned, it’s become the year when digital media and screen time became a double-edged sword. Homework and projects became buzzwords as did meeting links, breakout rooms and assessments. Red and I had to familiarise ourselves with the intricacies of the IB model and we still have ready reckoners saved here and there to help us understand some concepts which aren’t clear yet.

2020 in a nutshell for me has been the year of becoming more resilient and taking responsibility- for yourself and to some extent, the others who do depend on you for support and succorance. And while it ended up with more dependence on masks, gloves and keeping an eye out for the optimum amount of alcohol in our sanitisers; it’s been a year of massive learning on pretty much all fronts.

Most of us have learnt what and who we can do without. And what we truly hold dear. Milestones and non-milestone birthdays have been celebrated with gusto. And we’ve all hung on with our sanity intact-for the most part.

And while I don’t really like to tempt fate much- became am iffy on karma- I like to think that 2021 can be rocky, tempestuous even but we’ll get by and still find stuff to smile about. I can totally hang my hat on that, any day.



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