The Side Window

For those who are fans of the Hitchcockian thriller, this isn't an attempt to ride on the coattails of it. But I was hard-pressed for creativity and my brain doesn't function well without caffeine so an "inspiration" is what I'm working with since there are some similarities between me in my current predicament and Jimmy … Continue reading The Side Window


Adjusting To Normalcy

Across the world children are heading back to school although what they knew to be a scholastic experience has changed quite a bit. In some places they have kids attending school a few days a week. In others it's for a few hours whereas in many places in Europe it's been business as usual for … Continue reading Adjusting To Normalcy

The Pandemic: A Timeline of Delayed Gratification

Most people I know have dealt with the fallout of the pandemic to the best of their ability. Some have been lucky to not contract the virus at all or recover quickly if they have and thankfully not too many have faced any irreplaceable losses. But we've ALL been touched by the effects of it … Continue reading The Pandemic: A Timeline of Delayed Gratification

2020…what’s next?

The easiest answer would be 2021...DUH! But it's become way more than that. The last time there was a brouhaha over a year or its ending was Y2K but that turned out to be a damp squib in comparison. Heads up! This is an image-heavy post... While 2019 ended on an interesting note- first international … Continue reading 2020…what’s next?

Savoring Sundays And The Days Ahead

. Been a while that I wrote anything. I was greedily reading the last installment in The Trials of Apollo. No offense to Rick Riordan but the intensity of the Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles and the Percy Jackson series is missing...for me. But I read through each and every one of them and … Continue reading Savoring Sundays And The Days Ahead