Savoring Sundays And The Days Ahead


Been a while that I wrote anything. I was greedily reading the last installment in The Trials of Apollo. No offense to Rick Riordan but the intensity of the Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles and the Percy Jackson series is missing…for me. But I read through each and every one of them and will be revisiting the Magnus Chase trilogy also. That one kind of had me a bit confused

But I did read a funny-ish book called Squeeze Me recently and while it wasn’t a Hoot it was still a book from a well-loved and well-read author and sometimes that’s half the experience of the read. And as I always say, ” You can’t go wrong with Hiaasen!” You don’t need to be a bleeding hearts, tree-hugging liberal and neither do you need to be aware of American history, geography or even know anything about Florida (where all the novels are based) barring that it’s home to Disney World; but the man can write! Nuff said.

Speaking of nuff saids my other favourite authors came out with books recently- Jana DeLeon and her latest instalment of the Miss Fortune series (which I hope goes on for a while longer). Yes, even 18 books go by in the blink of an eye when you’re a reading fiend.

And let’s not forget John Sandford with his latest addition to the Prey series. Neither set my world on fire but they were enjoyable and made more so with the kind of topsy-turvy that surrounds us.

But I have also made a near-year end resolution. To tie up pending stuff. Which is the easiest thing to do when it comes to books. I’m setting aside the Kindle till December 31st and will be picking up the books at home which are unread and/or have either been given as gifts by other reader f(r)iends or have been recommended by Red.

It’s very easy to want to escape ennui by falling back on a book that’s known to be a good read but the best way to have a good/interesting/thought-provoking experience these days is trying out something new. The safest and easiest way to do that is to park myself in my chair and pick up a book that’s already lining the shelves at home. So these are what lie ahead-

Am limiting it to 6 books for now because barring a few, the rest have to be chewed and then digested. Now if you’ll excuse me, I really have to enjoy this cup of perfection that TO made for me…hope it’s not a flash in the pan because there are few things I enjoy as much as a cup of hot (tepid-warm) beverage during a cool, cloudy day.



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