Tox Or Detox

"This was written a goodish while back but I wouldn't mind taking a walk down that lane again.." Apparently a build-up of toxins in one's systems can lead to a variety of undesirable behavior. I don't mean murder and mayhem necessarily but it can make you meaner than usual and paint the world a bright … Continue reading Tox Or Detox

Frankenstein and Kettle bells

Disclaimer: I have no verifiable knowledge that Frankenstein's Monster ever used kettle bells on those brawny arms of his. However, if he had, it would totally explain why he walked like he had an atomic wedgie going on 24/7! *  For the uninitiated am going to add a link here about what an atomic wedgie … Continue reading Frankenstein and Kettle bells

Of Mat Jumps and Face Packs…

I don't consciously try and make the blog titles esoteric or cryptic even..they just pop out of my head, all baked and ready to go. Quite like how this happened. And in case anyone is interested (Pshaw! Yeah right...) how that it right here. Onto the actual stuff I wanted to convey...I've been doing … Continue reading Of Mat Jumps and Face Packs…

Gym Diaries: Jelly Arms & Pokey Things

This Thursday my trainer started me out on a slightly ramped up routine. Either that means that YAY! my stamina is increasing or that I really need as much help as I can! Am sure it's a good blend of both because I do find it easier to get back into a groove without getting … Continue reading Gym Diaries: Jelly Arms & Pokey Things

Gym: Where I Meet My Body

Before I started going to the gym, I thought I knew my body. Most of it was bulgy or chunky in places it shouldn't have been but I did not become acquainted with my scapula, soleus, trapezius as much as I thought I would have earlier. They were names in an anatomy book but barring … Continue reading Gym: Where I Meet My Body